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What is the Vitamin Booster®?

InfiniteCobra's Vitamin Booster® is a healthy beverage powder.

Mixing it with water creates a delicious refreshing drink that you

Makes you more focused and more capable of learning.

Because the powder has no harmful substances

such as caffeine, you can enjoy the powder at any time of the day.

Drink it while gaming, fitness, or just as a delicious drink.

(Tip: It's best if it's already chilled!)

Preparation recommendations

To get the best taste out of your Vitamin Booster®, we recommend mixing a portion (500ml) of water with 10g powder (2x lightly heaped measuring spoons).


Of course you can adjust the water ratio according to your needs, however, the recommended daily consumption of 10 grams per day must not be exceeded.


Not suitable for children under 10 and diabetics.

What's in it?

Most powders on the market have caffeine, taurine or guarana.

Since these can be very unhealthy and harmful to the body, we have replaced them with natural vitamins and minerals.


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